The Astrological Medicine Bundle is a collection of

courses, workshops, and talks by renowned astrologer, author, herbalist and teacher Judith Hill

Full Courses:

• Medical Astrology 101 (twelve modules!  Optional certificate)

• Astrological Herbalism Decoded. (four audio-visual modules)

• How to Read Medical Astrology Charts (four audio-visual modules. Various organ issues)

• Traditional Gem Remedies for Planetary Conditions (audio-visual) from NORWAC 2021

and much more!

Mini-courses, Classes, Talks: 

• Medical Signatures in the Birth Chart

• Lunar Nodes and Eclipses (Spiritual and Medical Influences)

• Saturn and Mars: Medical Influences (two large audio-visual modules)

• Spiritual Astrology

• Mental and Emotional Health (three modules)

• Beginning Medical Astrology (two audio-visual modules)

and much more! 

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NOTE - The Monthly Forecast is not included with the Academy Bundle, for logistical reasons. They are separate subscriptions. 

Live Q&A Sessions with Judith: 

• Details below


90 hours of audio, video and study aids

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Two Convenient Payment Options

Monthly (recurring) and yearly (non-recurring) plans.

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BONUS Q&A Webinars with Judith!

Approximately 1 time per month we will host a Q&A session for Academy Bundle students. 

Webinars will be hosted on Zoom. Links will be sent to Academy Bundle students 2 days, 1 day and 1 hour prior to the webinar. Please see our HELP page for details on how to attend.

If you cannot attend the webinar:

Email us: Send your questions to our Support(at)JudithHillAstrology(dot)com and we will address your question

Recording: The Q&A webinars will be recorded, like all classes, for you to enjoy and review at your leisure.

This Q&A session is for questions related to the teaching content of any of Judith's classes or courses. 

This Q&A session is NOT for addressing questions related to peoples charts, except the Monthly Mystery chart. Legally we cannot do this and often times such questions are very complex. In the future there will be offerings of small-group study sessions with Judith for training in personal and client charts.

Upcoming Q&A webinar dates and times:

See our Calendar accessible in the menu above.

We will strive to make Q&A webinars at various times so those in the many different time zones have an opportunity to attend the live webinar at some point.

Two Convenient Payment Options

Monthly (recurring) and yearly (non-recurring) plans.