Fertility Astrology 1

Conception Techniques

Class Description: Fertility astrology works! The teacher is now the proud “astrological progenitor” of several healthy babies born from women struggling with long-time infertility! Judith demonstrates two methods: her own techniques, crafted through decades of experience; plus the pioneering work of Czechoslovakian Dr. Eugen Jonas: (psychiatrist, gynecologist, and astrologer), who ran the Astra Clinic in Nitra, Czechoslovakia (using methods explicated in this talk). Jonas’ methods were 80% successful in conception, and gender selection. The class discusses all matters facing the astrologer, including fertility, infertility, gender selection, insemination timing (of all types), prenatal preparation (spiritual), ethics, couple’s chemistry, horoscopic assessment of infertility in male and female charts, adoption timing, donor selection, and voluntary cesarian section timing. This is a truly all-encompassing course on a highly useful and fascinating subject. 

Level:  Intermediate and advanced (know your basic way around charts and transits). Can you look at a chart and know what house and sign the Moon, or any other planet is in? Can you follow where basic transits in your chart, e.g. where in your chart is Jupiter’s current transit? 

Recommended Texts: 

FERTILITY Part 1: The ‘Jonas Method’ of assisting conception and gender choice. Judith’s personal transit and progressed methods for assisting conception, and true success stories.

This class will answer:

  • What dates offer me, or my client, a higher chance of conception? 
  • Will this current pattern of infertility lift, and if so, when? 
  • What is the best time in the next few years to have a child? 
  • Can astrology assist with conception tilted toward gender preference? 
  • What are the basic techniques for selecting more fertile dates?
  • Using astrological insights to potentially prevent miscarriage
  • Remedials
  • Judith addresses many insightful questions from students, ex. the role of Saturn and the nodes regarding fertility and the effects of Mercury retrograde.

  • Online Q&A with Judith. 
  • Purchase currently includes access to the 1-hour class on this topic from NORWAC 2022, class slides, and the option to join the live, online class in August 2022. 
  • 1-year access to materials from the date of purchase.

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In Fertility Part 1: Conception Techniques, we learn two strong techniques for astrologically assisting fertility (and virility), by the use of cosmically fertile dates, as seen in the individual's natal chart.

In Fertility Part 2: Prenatal Preparation & Other Essentials, we elucidate the unique concerns astrologers encounter in consulting singles and couples hopeful of conceiving or adopting children - and also tips on how to spiritually prepare to attract a harmonious soul. This is supremely valuable information!

Together, both classes cover all matters facing the astrologer, including:

  • fertility
  • infertility
  • gender selection
  • insemination timing (of all types)
  • pre-natal preparation (spiritual)
  • ethics, couple’s chemistry
  • horoscopic assessment of infertility in male and female charts 
  • adoption timing
  • donor selection
  • and voluntary cesarean section timing.

This is a truly all-encompassing set of classes on a highly useful and fascinating subject.


    1. Astrology of Fertility 1 - Videos

    2. Astrology of Fertility 1 - Audio

    3. Astrology of Fertility Slides (16 pages)

    1. Astrology of Fertility 1: Conception Techniques (August 31, 2022) - Video (with chat and transcript)

    2. Astrology of Fertility 1: Conception Techniques (Aug 31, 2022) - Audio

    3. Astrology of Fertility 1 (August 31, 2022) - Slides (19 pages)

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