This workshop provides the student with four essential keys to medical astrology:

  • 1. Learn simple, “best of show” techniques for evaluating the natal chart from the medical perspective.

  • 2. Know the traditional and modern uses (and usefulness) of medical astrology.

  • 3. Learn the appropriate language and approach you absolutely need to be aware of.

  • 4. Know your tools, caveats and requisite medical waivers.

This 2020 workshop is appropriate for astrologers and medical practitioners alike who seek an improved understanding of the physical influences of the natal planets, lights, and nodes. You must know your astrological symbols for signs and planets. In the last hour, we provide two case studies drawn for interest from famous persons. 


2 hours of Video and PDF Slides

    1. Medical Astrology Tools and Techniques - Video

    2. Medical Astrology Tools and Techniques - PDF Slides

About this course

  • 2 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content


Judith Hill is not a doctor. Materials presented in this class/course and all others on this site are for research purposes only and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure. We are exploring the hypothetical energetic patterns of planetary configurations. None of this is medical advice. Always follow the advice of your trusted medical practitioner. If you suspect you are experiencing mental health issues, see a mental health professional.

These topics can be, understandably, very sensitive for people. Please forgive any faux pas. Our aim is to help provide insights in a thoughtful and respectful manner.