Astrological Herbalism Decoded© opens a refreshing new era for this traditional field. Hill introduces a rational method for the herbal evaluation of symptoms based on the excesses and deficiencies of the planets, four elements, and signs of the natal chart, and of transits acting thereupon.

This course introduces a definitive, clear method for herbal evaluation based on symptoms in congress with the examination of the natal chart and current planetary transits to this chart. A historic first. This course opens a brilliant new chapter for the practice of traditional astrological herbalism!

This course remedies historic deficits by creating a bright new method from the scattered jigsaw puzzle of our astrological-herbal heritage. Greek and Renaissance texts are impotent regarding this topic because their lack of available birth data forced era physicians to rely (largely) on non-natal horary astrological methods. Herbal lists, conflated by planetary headings, are dangerously confusing at best.

Is this course right for me?

If you are an herbalist who is confused as to how to incorporate medical astrology, (or traditional astro-herbalism); or an astrologer longing to know how to comprehend or incorporate Western herbalism, then this course is definitely for you! (In fact, a dream course.)

This course is ideal for the herbal practitioner, lay herbalist, astrology student, or astrologer with a basic knowledge of herbs, and of the natal chart (horoscope). A comfort level with natal (birth) charts is advised. You should be able to recognize the planets and signs in a natal chart. You do not need to be an advanced astrologer. You do need to have an interest in astrology and herbalism and a general, working knowledge of herbs!

General awareness of planetary transits is helpful, but not required (the latter will be demonstrated in modules 3 and 4).

If you know absolutely nothing about natal charts or herbs, you might not be ready for this course.

Suggested Prerequisites: Students should be able to recognize the symbols for signs and planets (list included in the course), and know their way around a basic natal chart: signs, planets, houses. If possible, know the signs of rulership, exaltation, detriment, and fall for the planets (list included in the course).

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Understand how planetary and elemental energies influence the astral and physical bodies.

  • Find the “target” planet, element and signs in the natal chart aligned to the symptoms and affected body parts.

  • Accurately assess natal planet and element excess and deficiency.

  • Understand the health impact of current planetary transits on the natal chart.

  • Evaluate hypothetical herbal selection based on physical symptoms correlating to the above four contexts.

  • Find best times for harvest, decoction and administration for very specific conditions and purposes. Learn the time honored skills that allow you, the student of this science, to become your own “chef,” in creatively designing times for various herbal purposes.

  • Understand the three traditional Modes and how to assess if conditions are acute, chronic, or wavering. Herbal tips for treating modal dominance.

  • Obtain a wider comprehension of historical thoughts, traditions, and methods.

Supplemental Reading

not required

Because this audio-visual course stands complete on its own, you can opt-out of the suggested reading assignments. However, the will heighten your course experience and knowledge base. Quiet reading accesses different sensibilities than does pure audio-video!

Texts (if you wish to include the reading assignments):

  • Medical Astrology: A Guide to Planetary Pathology, (Hill)
  • Medical Astrology in Action: The Transits of Health,(Hill)
  • The Earthwise Herbal Repertory, Matthew Wood
  • LLewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide or Honeycomb Astrological planner (for the current year)

4 Modules

  • Module 1: Herbal Evaluation of Natal Charts

    Evaluating herbs for innate tendencies and symptoms. The planets and the Cosmic Color Rays in excess and deficiency. Planetary temperature and moisture. Identifying the malady in the natal chart. The “target” signs and planets. Sympathetic vs Antipathetic treatment and how to evaluate herbal protocols. Zodiacal Man. Fascinating cases!

  • Module 2: The Four Elements (Herbal Uses)

    Four Elements and Three Modes. The Four Qualities. Historical development of the Four Elements and the essential importance of Four Element Theory. Comparison with Hippocrates’ Four Humors and Galenic Medicine; and the Three Doshas and Three Gunas. The historical debates, solutions. How to achieve an accurate Element count from the natal chart. Elemental energies in excess and deficiency, and method for achieving balancing herbal protocols. “Hill’s Special Conditions.” Examples with hypothetical herbal formulae.

  • Module 3: Working with Herbs and Transits (to the natal chart)

    Evaluating herbal selection for remediating symptoms correlating with current transits. How transits can upset elemental balances. Chakras and personal receiving centers for planetary energy. The mechanism of transits and how they work. Awakening the seeds in the garden. Sympathy/antipathy. Fascinating examples with hypothetical herbal protocols.

  • Module 4: Cosmic Timing for Herbalists; “The First Dose”

    Easy timing methods for planting, harvest, decoction and administration. The scientific support. Using elements, signs for various purposes. Lunar phases. Ptolemy’s rule. Celestial versus human created timing methods. First dose.

Course Curriculum Includes

3 hours 16 minutes Video/Audio and PDF Slides

    1. Course Tips (book purchasing and optional homework and tests)

    2. Disclaimer

    1. Astrological Herbalism Decoded Homework

    2. Traditional Remedies

    3. Herbal-Planet Energetics

    4. Questions?

    1. Astrological Herbalism Decoded - Natal - Video

    2. Astrological Herbalism Decoded - Natal - Audio

    3. Astrological Herbalism Decoded - PDF Slides

    1. Astrological Herbalism Decoded - Elements - Video

    2. Astrological Herbalism Decoded - Elements - Audio

    3. Astrological Herbalism Decoded - Elements - PDF Slides

    1. Astrological Herbalism Decoded - Transits - Video

    2. Astrological Herbalism Decoded - Transits - Audio

    3. Astrological Herbalism Decoded - Transits - PDF Slides

    1. Astrological Herbalism Decoded - Timing - Video

    2. Astrological Herbalism Decoded - Timing - Audio

    3. Astrological Herbalism Decoded - Timing - PDF Slides

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Simple, Structured and Helpful

Hilary Spiteri

4 lesson full of "how to". Simple to follow, structured and helps to start experimenting effectively with medical problems in a natal chart.

4 lesson full of "how to". Simple to follow, structured and helps to start experimenting effectively with medical problems in a natal chart.

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Judith Hill is not a doctor. Materials presented in this class/course and all others on this site are for research purposes only and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure. We are exploring the hypothetical energetic patterns of planetary configurations. None of this is medical advice. Always follow the advice of your trusted medical practitioner. If you suspect you are experiencing mental health issues, see a mental health professional.

These topics can be, understandably, very sensitive for people. Please forgive any faux pas. Our aim is to help provide insights in a thoughtful and respectful manner.