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Example Medical Mystery
of the Month!

What in this chart might indicate, reflect or suggest the possibility of a mortal wound to the knee?

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This month’s case is easiest for intermediate and advanced astrology students. Beginners - give it a try!

Enjoy sharing your observations in the student forum! Don’t be shy. As we shall see, even the great Culpepper made mistakes! (as we all do.) We are all students and so ever will remain.

Can you figure it out? Yes, you can! Follow these steps.
  1. What sign governs the knee? (wound received at the knee).
    See Zodiacal Man chart in any good book. Is that sign emphasized? What planets (if any) are in it? What planets oppose, square or quincunx it?
  2. What sign(s) governs the leg in general? (amputation made in the thigh)
    Are these signs emphasized? What planets (if any) tenant them? What planets oppose, square or quincunx them? What signs are on the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses?
  3. Where are the nodes?
    Do Mars, or Saturn (or both) afflict the target signs involved in the wound?
  4. What planet(s) rules the thighs or joints in general?
  5. What planet rules wounds and surgery?
    FYI: Always check the mid-point of Saturn and Mars 
  6. Share your findings in the student forum (optional)

Thoughts from Judith on this case:

Culpepper attempted to discover what in this nativity could possibly signal such an incident. He found the natal testimony tepid. This greatly puzzled me, as the young man’s potential knee travail looks all too clear by the simplest of methods. This is no attempt to besmirch Culpepper who is one of my favorite teachers and one of Earth’s great contributing individuals. This only underlines how the simplest methods are sometimes best.

FYI: Sharing any of this mystery chart's planetary placements doesn't mean you will suffer the same condition! In fact, that would be highly unlikely. In medical astrology, it requires more than one muffin to make a dozen. Multiple testimonies plus personal karma, DNA, lifestyle, and/or personal destiny combine to create an individual pattern for each person. Every planet placement in your natal chart has multiple possible interpretations on all levels and can be interpreted positively or negatively. This takes skill, hence our tutorials!

DATA NOTE: The great herbalist and medical astrologer, Nicholas Culpepper, presents this fascinating case in his classic Astrological Judgement of Disease from the Decumbiture or the Sick. I’ve discovered this natal chart, hand-drawn in his book had a few serious errors (typical of his era). Mercury, listed at 7 degrees Gemini is really at 13 degrees, and worse, Saturn is in the wrong sign by a mile! Shown as 2 degrees of Gemini, it was actually at 26 degrees of Pisces. I’ve made these corrections, and also added the planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, unknown in his day.

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