Students are welcome and encouraged to freely explore the contents of the academy. For those who would like some guidance, here are some suggestions of where to begin.


FREE Intro. Astrology Class and Orientation: with Downloadable Resources

✨ The Medical Astrology Forecast Hour (Lunar Nodes, Planets, Signs, Eclipses!)

Live online class with Judith Hill! Enjoy this rare and affordable opportunity to study with a highly experienced, lifetime practitioner, and significant author.

This monthly class is a perfect way to learn medical astrology (and astrology in general)! This original forecast teaches you to assess the cosmic currents and their influence on the body.

Each entertaining hour class is packed with practical information, traditional antidotes, true cases, a balanced mix of collective and personal interpretations, and Q&A time. Learn to evaluate the endlessly changing weave of the cosmic rays!

Medical Astrology Sun Signs

Month by Month, Herb by Herb (with Judith Hill & Matthew Wood, MS)

Fascinating, relevant, and practical medical information about the twelve signs for all levels. Judith presents the first hour, Matthew the second. This is a great place to start for the layperson or entry-level student whereas a pro-student will learn things they may have never encountered before!


Medical Astrology 101(Optional Certificate testing available at course completion)

Beginner to Advanced Astrologers with little or no knowledge or experience with Medical Astrology and its applications.

Companion short classes in the Academy Bundle:

  • The Medical Astrology Primer
  • Medical Astrology: Tools & Techniques
  • The Medical Transits of Saturn
  • The Hot & Cold Diseases of Saturn & Mars
  • Medical Influences of the Lunar Nodes

Planetary Dignity: Assessing Planetary Dignity and Strength


Astrological Herbalism Decoded

This course is designed for Herbalists who love Astrology; and Astrologers who love Herbs! The student of this course should be familiar enough with the astrological chart and symbols to be able to look at a chart and say “she has Venus in Capricorn”, or “Joe has Saturn in Gemini”. General knowledge of herbs is recommended, but not requisite. Part of the Academy Bundle.


How to Read Charts! Case Studies

These amazing case study modules are perfect for intermediate, advanced, and professional level astrologers. You must know your signs, planets, houses, aspects, and transits. Although not required, this course is best for those familiar with the basic principles of medical astrology. Medical Astrology 101 (course,) or The Medical Astrology Primer (class), are perfect companions. Part of the Academy Bundle.

Traditional Gem & Herbal Antidotes for Planetary Conditions

(recorded live at NORWAC, May 31st, 2021)

This course is for the student or professional who is comfortable with charts and transits.



Medical Elections - Timing, Surgery Dates, Treatment Onset, Herbal Harvest and Product Making, Fertility

All-Course “Master Certificate” - We are considering this.