Medical Astrology by Sun Signs

Sign by Sign, Herb by Herb, In-depth!

taught by Judith Hill and Matthew Wood, MS

World-renowned authors, herbalists, and astrologers

Learn what impact your sun sign can have on your health and what herbal remedies may be best for you.

This series is for astrologers and herbalists of all levels wanting to expand their herbal and astrology knowledge.   

Get out charts! Get out your herbals! This course covers the health strengths and weaknesses of each astrological sign.  Deepen your natal chart reading abilities and expand your herbal wisdom with this course.

The material covered is in-depth. It supplements and adds new information to the insights found in Judith's and Matthew's world-famous books.

Not only is the information useful in medical astrology for individual cases; it brings out new ways of thinking about astrology and herbalism.

Student Testimonial:
Absolutely loved this class! If you are interested in Medical Astrology, this is the best place to start. Judith and Matthew and a wealth of information and have incredible stories to share with the class.
- Beth

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Course Outline

Judith Hill (prolific author, astrologer, and herbalist) and Matthew Wood, MS, discuss each sign of the zodiac in-depth including Judith's novel "Sun Sign Syndromes" (featured in her upcoming book). Each two-hour and 15-minute class (a couple of classes will be longer) includes the:

  1. traditional medical rulerships and associations of the sign with regions, organs, systems, and functions
  2. psychological themes important from a medical angle
  3. planetary rulers of the zodiac sign and their medical associations
  4. the health effect of planets in the sign (This is an exhaustive topic of its own so only some planets may be addressed.)
  5. herbs associated with the sign or ruling planet
  6. observed medical peculiarities of the twelve zodiac signs (Davidson, Cornell, Hill, others)
  7. new insights generated by the blend of astrology and herbalism. 

The series ends with the analysis of example natal charts from history. In class #13, we look at the astrological medical charts of famous people. These examples illustrate the principles of medical astrological analysis from the natal or birth chart.

Student Testimonial:
Excellent course with tons of good information to help figure out what may be happening with your client, and different herbal options that work well with certain signs. Highly recommended if you have at least a basic foundation in astrology.
- Luana


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    1. MMAS - Intro. to Medical Astrology Sun Signs - Video

    2. MMAS - Intro to Medical Astrology Sun Signs - Audio

    1. About this 2-hour BONUS Class

    2. Bonus - MASS - Herbs from the Astrological Viewpoint - Video

    3. Bonus - MASS - Herbs from the Astrological Viewpoint - Audio

    1. Welcome Message

    1. Judith's Medical Astrology Sun Signs Cheat Sheets

    2. Sign Angles & Vital Force Absorption by Judith Hill

    3. Illustration from Judith's book - The Astrological Body Types

    4. Electrical Human (visual aid from Judith)




    1. MASS - Aries Syndrome by Judith Hill

    2. MASS - Aries - Cycles and Circles

    3. MASS - Aries - Disharmonious Angles

    4. MASS - Aries - Trines (Harmonious Angles)

    5. MASS - Aries - Arthur Young & Young's Measure Formulae

    6. MASS - Herbs of Aries by Matthew Wood

    7. MASS - Aries - Video

    8. MASS - Aries - Audio

    9. Aries Test

    1. MASS - Taurus - Webinar Chat Text

    2. MASS - Taurus Syndrome by Judith Hill

    3. MASS - Taurus - Angles

    4. MASS - Herbs of Taurus by Matthew Wood

    5. MASS - Taurus - Video

    6. MASS - Taurus - Audio

    7. Taurus Test

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Student Testimonial:
A gift! This course is wonderful. I'm learning so much. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
- Peta

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ECM and Timing

Francine Zamora

This ECM (Extra-Curriculum Matrix, pun intended : ) of the Intro to Medical Astrology and Welcome Orientation has swum into my life during the epic Jupiter-N...

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This ECM (Extra-Curriculum Matrix, pun intended : ) of the Intro to Medical Astrology and Welcome Orientation has swum into my life during the epic Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. I love it! Thank you Judith and the Academy for Astrological Medicine. Altitudo, Latitudo, et Claritas!

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Judith and Matthew have been so inspired by the idea and response to this course, that they've started work on books regarding this material. This was not included in the original plan or advertising of this series. You will find this additional BONUS MATERIAL, visual aids, and the initial manuscripts by Judith and Matthew, in most lessons. 

Since these documents are in manuscript form--i.e. they are works in progress--they are available as "view only," not as downloads. These additional materials/manuscripts were not part of the plan for the original course offerings. It is BONUS Material.

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Judith Hill is not a doctor. Materials presented in this class/course and all others on this site are for research purposes only and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure. We are exploring the hypothetical energetic patterns of planetary configurations. None of this is medical advice. Always follow the advice of your trusted medical practitioner. If you suspect you are experiencing mental health issues, see a mental health professional.

These topics can be, understandably, very sensitive for people. Please forgive any faux pas. Our aim is to help provide insights in a thoughtful and respectful manner.