The Astrology of Mental Health

Natal and Transit Charts

The natal chart offers one of the earliest maps of the human mental - emotional - spiritual anatomy. How do these layers of consciousness communicate, or conversely, disassociate?

The knowledge of planetary transits stimulating health crises offers the student a further jewel to this crown! Although highly influential to Jung’s seminal work, (and many practitioners following), “astro-psychology” is, in fact, ancient. We discover a complex understanding of mental and emotional “qualities” and their extreme states, in Ptolemy’s Tetrobiblios, 140 CE.

Judith has orchestrated six classes into four categories reflecting their planetary energetics:
  • “Red” Disorders; hyperactivity, mania, ADHD, temper management
  • “Blue” Disorders: depression, sleeping, some types of OCD
  •  “Disconnected Planets” Disorders: multiple personality disorder, autism, schizophrenia includes onset pattern charts for schizophrenia) 
  • “Memory” Disorders”: Alzheimer's, Dementia, Memory Overwhelm (those who can’t forget!)

Cosmic Light Deficiency &
People With Dysthymia

Here is a clip from Class 1 for you to enjoy!

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The system of astrological analysis of mental states from natal charts was documented as early as 140 CE (Claudius Ptolemy). The Astrology of Mental Health series of classes demonstrate the traditional and modern astrological method of analysis for mental states and issues and does not constitute, nor represent modern clinical psychology or psychiatry practice and approaches. The teacher will, however, include extant, and sometimes conflicting hypotheses (not as facts) as related to various psychological diagnoses, but from the astrological view. The inclusion of any one paradigm is for educative purposes only, and does not necessarily constitute the teacher's personal opinion, nor is intended to offend those who oppose the paradigm. As an astrologer, the teacher is approaching the subject of mental health through ancient and modern astrological methods and worldviews. Listeners and viewers would be warned that diverse and opposing hypotheses for various mental states are included in this series, (examined astrologically), for the sole purpose of assisting the student's comparative knowledge. If this approach is not to your preference, please do not purchase this series.