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Join Judith Hill, Kira Sutherland, and Mychal A. Bryan on October 22, 2022, for this amazing full-day online seminar. 

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Perspective & Experience of Different House Systems

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Through two millennia, the profound usefulness of Astrological Medicine has been ex:35-perienced, and soundly praised, by astonished physicians, herbalists, and astrologers. Today, we witness a great resurgence of interest, as this ancient science reemerges, renewed, and invigorated. 

Our seminar curators have selected four topics for their preeminent practical assistance to health practitioners, herbalists and astrologers. Our theme is “usefulness”. Our goal is to provide attendees of all levels with simple, easy-to-learn techniques for enhanced astrological chart evaluation - from the historical astro-medical perspective. As respected pioneers and authors in Medical Astrology education, Kira and Judith have partnered to create an exciting, practical program for the benefit of attendees, worldwide.


Classes Include:

  • Nurturing Your Lunar Nodes (Hill)

    The Lunar Nodal axis of every natal chart provides a consistent key to good health maintenance. What bodily system might be deficient? What organs might require more support? Where in the body might toxins most likely amass, or waste excretion slow?

    Learn Judith’s simple, straightforward method for assessing these precise questions. Today’s focus is exclusively upon the medical influence of the natal Nodes. (Note: Judith’s recent lectures have emphasized the transiting nodes). Learn to evaluate the health implications of most natal planetary conjunctions with the natal Lunar Nodes (North and South Nodes), and assess hypothetical “nodal support” strategies including herbalism and traditional gemstone remedials. Excellent for all levels.

  • Moon Cycles for Optimum Health (Sutherland)

    Since ancient times humans have been charting the Moon, correlating its phases to women’s cycles, emotions and farming. Recent medical research has uncovered links between a woman’s hormones and her ability to eat certain foods, cope with stress and exercise intensities. In this lecture Kira will correlate this research to the lunar phases and show how both men and women can use the Moon to support their food choices, stress reduction, weight loss and wellbeing.

  • What is the Future of Medical Astrology?

    Enjoy an intriguing interview and Q&A with Mychal A. Bryan on the Future of Medical Astrology!

  • Mercury's Impact on Medical Timing & Neurological Response (Hill)

    Mercury’s traditional ‘rulership’ over neurological response provides this tiny planet an outsized impact on medical timing, symptoms, and prognosis. Learn why, when, and how, transit Mercury excites, or dulls the nerves; and what this implies for all manner of medical treatment. It's no joke that Mercury’s famed Caduceus is the symbol of medical practice! Judith will provide useful and essential herbal tips. Excellent for all levels.

  • Eating Your Way Around the Zodiac (Sutherland)

    “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” If we could only find the right diet for each person, we would have found the safest and easiest way to health, yet this eludes even those with the best intentions. What if we could take eating back to its basics, to our elemental makeup and learn to listen to our bodies when they are out of balance and asking for help. In this lecture Kira will cover the basics of foods and nutrition as seen through the lens of natal astrology. She will look at which planets have the biggest influence over our food as well as the impact the houses bring to the table. This is a fabulous lecture to learn how to support your elemental makeup and give you simple and practical ideas for strengthening your wellbeing.

Additional Notes:
  • There will be a live online Q&A with Judith and Kira. 
  • The timing of the seminar will accommodate American, UK, and Australian time zones. 
  • Purchase includes access to recordings and class slides.


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When: Saturday, October 22nd @ 12 noon - 7 pm Pacific Time (Easy time zone converter)


  • 12 noon - 12:15 pm: Welcome
  • 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm: Nurturing Your Lunar Nodes - Judith Hill
  • 1:25 pm - 2:25 pm: Moon Cycles for Optimum Health - Kira Sutherland
  • 2:35 pm - 3:35 pm: The Future of Medical Astrology (interview and Q&A with Mychal A. Bryan)
  • 3:35 pm - 4:00 pm: Break
  • 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm: Mercury's Impact on Medical Timing & Neurological Response - Judith Hill
  • 5:10 pm - 6:10 pm: Eating Your Way Around the Zodiac - Kira Sutherland
  • 6:20 pm - 7:00 pm: Q&A with Judith and Kira

Where: We use the online webinar service, Zoom. Webinar links are sent to enrolled students at registration, 1 day, and 1 hour prior to class. See the simple instruction on how to attend on our HELP page

What is the class like? Classes are held online in a webinar format. Students will view and hear only the teachers and hosts and can participate in the online chat and Q&A.

Judith Hill

Judith Hill is an award-winning author of thirteen books. Hill was possibly the first to introduce Western Medical Astrology to Szechuan, China. She is a Chartered Herbalist with Dominion Herbal College. She documented the natal and transit health influences of the Lunar Nodes, the medical impact of eclipses by sign and conjunct natal planets, and created the first polarity-based nodal eclipse calendar. An internationally recognized researcher, Hill internationally published significant statistical research on astro-genetics and astro-seismology. She is one of the longest practicing, full-time astrological consultants in the world.


Kira Sutherland

Kira is an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, and Astrologer who lives between Sydney Australia, and the mountains of BC Canada. She divides her time between clients, writing and lecturing on health, wellbeing, and medical astrology. Known for her vibrant, straightforward teaching style, Kira has lectured in Medical Astrology around the globe and has been in clinical practice for over 25 years. Kira combines her knowledge in Natural Medicine with her passion for Medical Astrology into a wonderful mix of mind/body medicine. 


Mychal A. Bryan

Mychal A. Bryan is a certified NCGR Level III Astrologer, Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic health counselor, and clinical hypnotherapist based in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked as the apprentice of Dr. Lois Steinberg, one of the most senior Iyengar Yoga Teachers in the world on various research initiatives regarding the use of Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics for common ailments. He has been a guest lecturer on Iyengar Yoga as structural therapy for physiotherapy doctoral students from the University of Central Arkansas. He has been trained through the Sivananda Ayurveda Program in The Bahamas, and by Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. Within his Astrology, he has studied Medical Astrology directly with Judith Hill and has continued his studies by researching the medical material in Cosmobiology and through the works of late 17th-century Medical Astrologers. He is the founder of Oraculos School of Astrology where his mission is to provide excellence in astrological education and to make it universally available.



Judith Hill is not a doctor. Materials presented in this class/course and all others on this site are for research purposes only and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure. We are exploring the hypothetical energetic patterns of planetary configurations. None of this is medical advice. Always follow the advice of your trusted medical practitioner. If you suspect you are experiencing mental health issues, see a mental health professional.

These topics can be, understandably, very sensitive for people. Please forgive any faux pas. Our aim is to help provide insights in a thoughtful and respectful manner.

5 star rating

Loved it!

barb zamerski

5 star rating

Self Realisation

Sudhir Pandey

It was wonderful conversation on medical astrology. We needed in ours time. Good one. Keep it up. Best wishes

It was wonderful conversation on medical astrology. We needed in ours time. Good one. Keep it up. Best wishes

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5 star rating

great info

sherry belcher

really enjoyed this perspective of health and astrology

really enjoyed this perspective of health and astrology

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5 star rating

Seminar Pre-reg.

Laura Eustache

Was very helpful, clear, concise, and enriching to listen to both practitioners share their knowledge and styles.

Was very helpful, clear, concise, and enriching to listen to both practitioners share their knowledge and styles.

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5 star rating

So excited to discover this world.

Christie Merrill

I’m a RN, beginning astrologist and herbalist, and this idea of medical astrology makes so much sense to me. I finally feel like I’m on the right path of st...

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I’m a RN, beginning astrologist and herbalist, and this idea of medical astrology makes so much sense to me. I finally feel like I’m on the right path of study.

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