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Internationally recognized astrologer, researcher, herbalist, and award winning author of 13 books with 50 years of experience in all fields of the art of Astrology!

What is Medical Astrology?

Did you know that the natal chart can tell you about the health strengths and weaknesses a person could experience?

Even modern health practitioners use it! (Although they likely won't tell you...)

Learn how to find and interpret the chart and transits as well as time-tested remedies to help chronic and acute symptoms at the Academy for Astrological Medicine!

Do you want to learn how to read a Medical Astrology Chart but are not sure where and how to begin?

Are you confused as to how to “get into” a chart? 

This FREE class is for you!

Judith simplifies the learning process in this 120 minute (audio-visual) class


Class Includes:

* First Step: Learn the thing that always works (well, almost always…)

* How to “enter” a natal chart

* Intake: What questions to ask

* Creating questions for yourself!

* What not to do!

* Basic glossary

* Keeping your chart collection 

* Your Lunar Diary

* TOUR  our delectable "buffet table” of tiered courses and learning tools. Which one serves you best? In what order to proceed?



  • Which house system does Judith use? (and do I have to switch?)
  • Does Judith use Tropical or Sidereal?
  • Are asteroids used in Medical Astrology?
  • Which courses teach which topics: Where should I begin?

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In each live webinar (recorded) Judith guides us through the more potentially impactful transits of the coming month, how they could hypothetically impact some people, and the natural remedies one might want to have available. Only $9 per month! Learn more and join here.

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Are we destined to learn a lesson the hard way?

Answers in the free class, "Spiritual Lessons in the Planetary Birth Chart"